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 [mcMMO] All Your RPG Basics!

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PostSubject: [mcMMO] All Your RPG Basics!   Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:54 pm

All The RPG Basics!

What is it?

Well, essentially mcMMO is a plugin used to make servers more RPG like!

You have the ability to level up certain skills, such as fishing, mining, axes, swords, smithing, and much more! Then, all these skills add up to one massive overall level that you can compare with friends by using /mcstats and /mctop !

Okay... Sounds cool... but why?

I'm glad you asked! You see, leveling up these skills makes you better at them, and once you get better at them, you get special skill restrictive abilities! Here's an example:
Quote :
Fred kills mobs and players with swords, over and over again. He now gets a random chance for a thing called serrated edges, which is activated through right clicking! This allows him to deal extra damage on a mob or player while using a sword.

Here you'll notice that the ability mentioned is serrated edges. There are other abilities that are for different skills that all have special qualities. Trying to list them all is a tpying nightmare, so I'm going to instead give you a link to all the skills, so all you have to do is click a pretty picture, and get the skills and information you need! Smile


To activate abilities, Right click!
Finally, Just Some Key Commands To Remember

  • /mcstats (Use this to check you stats and power level)
  • /mctop {a skill/just leave it blank} (Use this to check the tops of everything!)
  • /{skillname} (This will show you your stats on a certain skill)

And that's it! Good luck! See you in game Wink

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[mcMMO] All Your RPG Basics!
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