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 [7/31/12] Well, Here We Are!

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PostSubject: [7/31/12] Well, Here We Are!   Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:54 pm

We've done it! Round of applause!

Side comment:
It's hard to imagine that just a year ago, I was running this server on my computer, boasting a modest 5 - 10 players a day. We were a small, and fairly welcoming community! The server itself was.. somewhat lacking. Myself and my admins were new to the concept of running and owning a server. We were very unaccustomed to taking care of so many needs, and trying to maintain peace, so it was very hectic! Lots of problems rose, and people came and went.. in the end, it was one HUGE headache!

Now the serious stuff
We've managed to finish it all! The server is now open to the public, fully advertised! (This site is advertised too Wink)
As my Super Special Awesome BETA Tester Gift to you is in high demand, I'll go ahead and make it now Wink
BETA Survivor

  • Sexy new prefix!
  • Can make nations!
  • Can do /kit diamond (Only once!)
  • Can do /kit build (Only once!)

The next step would be more texture work, plugins, etc. I think once that's all done, I'll settle in, and call us stable and finished! cheers

Here's some final things, and their estimated due dates:
[*] Advertise {7/31/12} Done
[*] Setup a server texturepack {8/2/12} In progress..
[*] Questing? {8/12/12} Not started...
[*] Moderator/Donor ranks {8/15/12} Not started...

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[7/31/12] Well, Here We Are!
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