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 [README] Suggestion Guidelines

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PostSubject: [README] Suggestion Guidelines   Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:38 pm

Suggesiton Guidelines!
Please keep all server suggestions realistic and detailed! Please don't say "Get rid of the lagz" or "Make me OP". That's absurd, and fairly immature. A proper way to rephrase would be:
Quote :
The server seems to lag a bit for me... I don't know if whether it's because my computer is slow, or the server is... maybe try this plugin I found that'll reduce server lag!

See? That wasn't so bad! It won't kill you to apply a LITTLE effort into making a suggestion Wink
As for the op comment, I'd first reply that it was not going to happen, then move it to the right category. Always always ALWAYS post in the right category! It makes my life easier!

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[README] Suggestion Guidelines
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