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 [8/1/12] Well this just sucks...

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PostSubject: [8/1/12] Well this just sucks...   Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:05 pm

Gosh Darn It...

Well, looks like 1.3.1 has rolled around... and guess what? Bukkit isn't updated... dang it! And a day after we open our doors... Ah well Wink
For now, if you'd like to play, you may downgrade your minecraft jar file, and pop on in (It might be a little lonely Sad) or you can just float around and find some 1.3 servers (Or play singleplayer, call me crazy Wink)

I Apologize For The Inconvience! We Will Be Up to Date ASAP!

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[8/1/12] Well this just sucks...
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