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 [README] Your First Suggestion

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PostSubject: [README] Your First Suggestion   Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:55 pm

Please read me first! This is how I would like you to format your post!

*First off, your title should be as follows:

[NAME OF PLUGIN] ~Whatever~

So basically, as it says, put the name of the plugin you'd like to see in the brackets, and then what ever you'd like afterword! Here's an example:

[Factions] Simple Protection

Here the user uses the ~Whatever~ portion as a point to comment on what they intend for it to do! But that's not what you always have to do Razz
You may always leave it blank, or put some funny text pictures, etc. I'll leave that part to you Wink

*Secondly, you're going to want to have the post be a meaty one. Don't just post the title being the plugin, and then the post being "because". I want to know why! I want you to persuade me! Also, I'd like for you to link to the plugin, and maybe even include some information as to what the plugin can do. Here's an example post.[/list]

(Title)[Factions] Simple Protection

Factions is a plugin used for claiming and protecting plots of land. Much like Towny, Factions utilizes predefined plots and areas for the users towns and kingdoms. With the simple print of a command (/f create [] to be exact) the player may create a Faction for themselves, and their friends! The plugin is a must have on all PvP and survival servers!
And here's the link!

You might even want to add a few pictures, but that's certainly not required Wink
All in all, just follow these guidelines, and I look forward to seeing you in game!

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[README] Your First Suggestion
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