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 [Essentials] Basic Essential Commands

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PostSubject: [Essentials] Basic Essential Commands   Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:58 pm

Essentials Basic Comands


So what's this?
Well, essentially, essentials is a plugin that allows you to have a command, for everything.
Some of the possibilities are:

  1. Teleportation
  2. Weather
  3. Time
  4. Item Spawning
  5. Gamemodes
  6. Spawning in general
  7. Much more!

Okay, but why do I want this?
Most common players come to love essentials, once they realize that it's this plugin that's doing the work Wink
To everyone, essentials allows for /spawn /sethome /home /tpa {} /tpaccept /tpdeny /tphere /time /back etc.
And to those admin/moderators/donors out there, you get some interesting features of setting more than one home, /time set {}
/weather {sun|storm} /i {item name} /gm /give {name} {item} etc.
Basically, essentials allows for you to have an amazing set of commands that are very useful indeed!

But what are all the commands I can do?
Well, all the commands that YOU can do, are really group specific, and I'm not going to list them all here (See the stickie at the top of this forum) but I will link to the commands page for essentials, and you can either guess and check, or just play around with the ones you think you know, or know but don't know how to use Wink

Here's just some basics everyone has
  1. /time
  2. /spawn
  3. /sethome
  4. /home {}
  5. /tpa (Ask to TP to someone)
  6. /tphere (Ask someone to TP to you)
  7. /tpaccept (Accept a TP)
  8. /tpdeny (Deny a TP)
  9. /back (TP to last location)

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[Essentials] Basic Essential Commands
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