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 [Towny] How To Start and More!

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PostSubject: [Towny] How To Start and More!   Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:54 pm

All You Need To Know About Towny!

What is it?
Right off the bat, Towny is the most important plugin you will find on a survival server. You can setup protection for your builds, and have your friends join and build right along side you! You can tax players, and confine them to plots, or share the town and allow all members to build anywhere! The customization is breathtaking, and the constraints are minimal Wink Here are a list of some features:
  1. Creating towns
  2. Selling plots
  3. Taxing citizens
  4. Going to war (It's a little vague.. WIP thing)
  5. Creating nations (Towns can be invited into nations [I.E: Chicago is under the nation USA])
  6. Going to war with other nations
  7. Town Banks

Making these towns and nations however, does not come cheap. Far from it, unfortunately. You see, if the price was cheap, everyone would have a town. So, to solve this, the price is set at a whopping 50,000 TT's. And for a nation? 200,000 TT's.

That's cool an all, but where do I start?
I'm so glad you asked! You see, Towny has some fairly basic alias' setup for your benefit! Things to make commands shorter, and easier to memorize!
Here's an example of starting a town, and inviting someone to it!
Quote :
Fred: Man. I want to start a town. I know! I will!
[/t new Fredville] Gee willikers! I've got a town! But I'm so lonely... I know! I'll invite Joe!
[/t invite joe]
Joe: Woah. Look at that. An invite!
[/t accept]
Fred: Yay!
Joe: Yay!

If you actaully read that little skit, you'd notice that Fred used [/t new Fredville] to create a town. That's the exact command to follow (Don't worry, we'll recap all the commands at the bottom Smile )

Then, Fred went on to inviting Joe, using [/t invite joe]! The name is kind of case-sensitive, so remember to pay close attention to those pesky names with all those numbers in them!

Finally, Joe used [/t accept] to join Fred's town, and they lived happily ever after! (Until I logged in and banned the both of them for fly hacking... Twisted Evil )

Towns are great, but what about nations??

Well, nations are a little bit like towns. All you have to do, is [/nation new {Nation name} Fredistan {Capital name} Fredville]
And that's pretty much it for the basic stuff. Oh, and [/nation add {Town name}]

Finally, Just Some Key Commands To Remember

  • /t list (Lists all towns)
  • /t new {Town name} (Makes a new town)
  • /t invite {Name} (Invites a player to a town
  • /t claim (Claiming land for town)
  • /t unclaim (Unclaiming)
  • /t plot claim (Citizen command to buy a plot)
  • /t plot fs {Price} (Sets the price of a plot you want to sell)
  • /t plot nfs (Sets a plot as "Not For Sale")
  • /t ? (This will open the town help menu)
  • /nation ? (This will open the nation help menu)
  • /mayor ? (This will open the mayor help menu)
  • /towny ? (This will open the towny help menu)
  • /towny map (Opens a nice map in chat)
  • /nation new {Nation Name} {Capital} (This is used for creating a new nation, and then setting a town as the capital)
  • /nation delete (This will delete your nation, and remove all the towns under it!)

Don't know a command? Can't find it? Use /t ? or /towny ? and look around in the help menu!

Remember! When you make a town, YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND!
And that's it! Good luck! See you in game Wink

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[Towny] How To Start and More!
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