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 [LWC] The Locking Basics!

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PostSubject: [LWC] The Locking Basics!   Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:47 pm

The Basics of LWC!

What is this, "LWC"?
Well, right off the bat, LWC is a VERY useful plugin for the average Minecraftian. Have you ever wanted to keep those pesky players from stealing from your chests? Opening your doors? Removing your signs? Well, this plugin protects all those things! The idea is that if you're to cheap to buy a town, then you can use this plugin to protect all your valuables!

Alright. I like it! How do I use it though?
Well, it's incredibly simply actually. All you really need to use, is /cprivate. That's it. And to get rid of a lock? /cremove. But what if you want to add a password? Well that's pretty simply too! Just do /cpassword {password} to make one, and then /lwc -u {password} to unlock it Wink (This is pretty useful if you want to share a chest with your mining buddy!)
Here's an example:

Quote :
Fred: /cpassword abcd1234
Joe: Hey Fred, can I use your chest?
Fred: Sure! /msg joe it's abcd1234!
Joe: /reply abcd1234? okay!
Fred: Go ahead! Use /lwc -u []
Joe: /lwc -u abcd1234
Wow! It worked! It's unlocked!

If you gathered anything from that VERY cheesy little comment, it's that you can password lock, and unlock chests, doors, trapdoors, signs, and other things (I know I'm forgetting something scratch )

A good thing to note is that Towns will lock things for you! So no need to worry! However... It would be in your best interest to do it, preventing others from locking your chests Wink

Finally, Just Some Key Commands To Remember

  • /cprivate
  • /cremove
  • /cpassword {password}
  • /lwc -u {password}

And that's it! Good luck! See you in game Wink

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[LWC] The Locking Basics!
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